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Engraving and marking

About us

The experienced and dedicated staff is our greatest asset.

Professionalism, expertise and readiness to act make a cooperation with us pleasant and effective. We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our projects, reliability and diligence confirmed by our clients.

We are part of a company with extensive experience in the advertising industry. Back in 1996, we started with the production of simple advertising media, such as notice boards, signs, car decals and stickers. With time, the ever-growing experience and upscale machinery stock, we gradually broadened our range of services.

Our offer

The machinery park at our disposal includes, but is not limited to, the most advanced laser and milling machines which can perform marking on practically any type of surface.

The laser is efficiently and effectively used in our company, mainly for engraving and marking of metal. Not only soft metal such as aluminium but also steel and very hard alloys can be marked accurately, clearly and quickly with the laser. The anneal, corrosion-resistant marking can be used on some metals avoiding any damage to the structure of the top layer of the surface. Thanks to modern technology, we can mark steel in colour, aluminium in black, and obtain white markings on black materials.

Metal products are marked with lasers in many different industries. Applications range from marking industrially manufactured serial products for traceability, through personalizing promotional business gifts by adding logos or names.
Our machines allow us to manufacture billboards, notice boards, nameplates or jewellery ‘from A to Z’. The inventory in our warehouse allows us to provide the material at the best price, cut it quickly to the desired format and make the final product. We guarantee accuracy and high excellent workmanship while maintaining a short lead time.

We implement bespoke custom design solutions while meeting all quality standards and requirements.

Other services

Besides the core services we can provide

  • Cutting all possible shapes, lettering, holes and perforation
  • Milling
  • 3D milling, i.e. three-dimensional forms like casting models, injection moulds, thermoforming moulds and bas-reliefs.

Selected projects


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